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Our mission is to help guide you on your spiritual journey to your Divine Path with services & products catered to your needs. But it is so much more than that. We aim to promote divine energy, education, and community as we all continue to grow and learn on our journey here. Zoetique helps remind those on this path that you are not alone and with guidance, your intuition and the willingness to connect to your higher-self, we can help you see just how beautiful this experience can be for you and the greater good of all. 

With so much love,

 Fawziyya  - Founder & CEO

Intuitive Readings 

Reading services from High Priestess Fawziyya

At Zoetique - The Conjure Boutique, we offer more than just tarot readings. With a wide variety of divination tools to choose from including a strong and experienced intuition, there are many ways to connect with your guides and receive the answers you need based off what you resonate with. From Tarot to Oracle, Runes, pendulum readings, to coffee and tea grinds, the heavily requested Egg Cleanse interpretations and more, this gives you the opportunity to choose something specific to your unique situation and we are here to help guide you during and after our meet every step of the way. 

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Monthly Subscription Service

The Zoetique Monthly Reading Subscription Service was created to help save money and get free gifts along the way! By the time you add up the readings and/or spiritual products you've purchased within a few month, you've already broke the bank a bit. With this, you're paying a flat, monthly rate that doesn't change. Your price is locked in. 

With this subscription, you receive 2 monthy readings of your choice at a flat rate (inquire for more than 2 readings) along with:

  • Free Spiritual Subscription Box customized to you! (sent at random or when you need products)
  • Priority booking
  • Zoetique Text line to vent, book, ask questions, give updates and more! *EXCLUSIVE ONLY TO SUBSCRIBERS*
  • 15% Discount on products at Zoetique Conjure Boutqiue (select items & services)
  • Updates on Zoetique before others
  • and more!
  • Over 50% off discount on ritual services! & FREE if you purchase the Full Service Reading Subscription with 5 questions & more which you can read more on at the “Discounted Readings of your choice,” link above.

YOU get to choose from the wide variety of readings offered by Zoetique from the Egg Cleanse readings  to the Dream Interpretation reading!All are offered to you in this subsctiption to switch it up as you see fit for the month. 

$55.55 Monthly Standard Reading Subscription-Email to inquire or sign up!

$77.77 Monthly Full Service Subscription- Email to inquire or sign up!




Conjure Boutique

What makes Zoetique products so special is each product is personally fixed with set intentions through a ritual to bless and anoint the work. You take it from there! We offer personalized products, gifts and recommendations to ensure this is your go-to for magick and guidance. If there are any product/divination tools you don't see in shop, email or DM the Zoetique page.

 We constantly update the conjure boutique with tools that help you feel confident, protected and tapped into your work. 

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As each of us advance in our spiritual journey, we realize how overwhelming all the information is out there. What's credible and what isn't? How do you know if it resonates with you? Or maybe you are looking to learn a new angle, something to step your work up. As you continue this journey you will realize that no matter what you master, being the student is the key.

 With classes provided by Zoetique, you can learn and engage more with your spiritual work from a Certified Spiritual Life Coach who has been practicing for over 20 years! Learn more than what you see trending online. These courses help you dig a bit deeper so that you're able to gain skills but also curate your own practice that works for you. Free starter-kit included! Contact us if you'd like to see how the classes can work for you. 

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Ritual Services

Sometimes doing your own ritual work can be overwhelming . You may find yourself confused on what to do, too drained, don't have the tools or maybe you're a closet practioner and would rather keep it private.

Having the luxury of an experienced High Priestess in your corner doing the work for you so you don't have to is a service Zoetique - The Conjure Boutique is proud to have. 

Highly requested and results are guaranteed but it is important you are sure you feel comfortable with someone doing your work for you. It is all about resonating with their energy. If this is something you are interested in, we would be honored to help and provide you with the information and guidance you need for additional protection.  

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