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Zoetique Intutive Messages in 5D

This Oracle deck is specific to intutively receiving the feelings and thoughts of the one on your heart at this time. This can be someone you're in seperation with or someone you're trying to better understand. These are the channeled messages relaying how they feel but may have a hard time telling you or admitting it to themselves. Over 70 cards! - COMING BACK SOON!

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Zoetique Oracle Of Intimacy

This oracle deck is to help tap into someone's intimate and sensual thoughts about a person/you. Can also be used as a sensual card game with your partner. Get Creative! Over 70 cards!

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Zoetique Intuitive Words From Spirit

This oracle deck is to help you tap in with the divine and receive claity on the signs they have been giving you. This deck is great for additional and specific details to a reading with just a keyword. Dive in deeper with these channeled words from your Spirit Guides! Over 70 cards!

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